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Specialty Tint Florida Window Films

Tampa Bay Specialty Window Film Installaions

Our specialty window film installation services cater to a variety of unique needs, from privacy and energy efficiency to branding and safety, all executed with expert precision and care. Transform your windows to serve multiple purposes, creating a more functional and visually appealing space.

Our specialty window film installation services offer tailored solutions, enhancing privacy, energy efficiency, branding, and safety with professional expertise and attention to detail

Our professional installation ensures you can enjoy the benefits of a more efficient, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Here's what specialty window films can do for you:

  • Bird Strike Protection: Specialty window films designed for bird strike prevention help safeguard avian wildlife and prevent window collisions, making them suitable for both commercial and conservation purposes.

  • Casper Cloaking Film: Our Casper cloaking film ensures the confidentiality of sensitive information on screens while maintaining transparency for the human eye, making it an essential choice for privacy in corporate settings.

  • Projection Films: Specialty projection films transform windows or transparent surfaces into dynamic display screens, enabling eye-catching presentations and digital signage while preserving the functionality of the glass.

  • Graphic Films and Perforated Vinyl: Our specialized graphic films and perforated vinyl solutions offer limitless creative possibilities for branding, decor, and promotional displays, allowing you to transform your windows into captivating visual elements.

  • Call us today at 727-403-8468 to speak with one of our specialty window film professionals.

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    Tampa Bay's most trusted specialty window film installation company

    For two decades we have provided homeowners, building managers and property owners with innovative and cost-effective decorative window film products. Our reputation for superior specialty window film installation methods along with our famous quality control and customer support has made Florida Window Films the most trusted Tampa Bay area window film company.

    Call us today at 727-403-8468 to speak with one of our specialty window tint film professionals.

    The Benefits of Specialty Window Films

    Specialty window film installation provides a host of benefits that go beyond aesthetics, offering enhanced functionality, energy efficiency, and privacy for your space.

    Casper Cloaking Film

    With Casper cloaking film, you can maintain privacy for confidential information on screens while still allowing transparency for the human eye, ensuring security in professional environments.

    Bird Strike Prevention

    Specialty window films designed to prevent bird strikes enhance the safety of avian wildlife and help reduce window collisions, making them an eco-friendly choice for your space.

    Projection Capabilty

    Specialty window films can serve as a dynamic projection surface, enabling impressive presentations and digital signage, offering versatility for businesses and creative applications.

    Privacy Enhancement

    These films provide an extra layer of privacy, reducing visibility from the outside while allowing natural light to enter, creating a more comfortable and secure environment.

    Dry Erase Functionality

    Dry erase specialty films transform any glass surface into a writable and erasable space, making them ideal for brainstorming, scheduling, and creative expression in offices and homes.

    Energy Efficiency

    Specialty window films improve insulation, reduce heat transfer, and help lower heating and cooling costs, contributing to a more energy-efficient and eco-conscious living or working space.

    Casper Cloaking Film Florida Tinting

    What is Casper Cloaking Film?

    Casper cloaking film is an innovative privacy solution for your workspace. It works by rendering LED and LCD screens on conference room windows or glass walls nearly invisible from the outside while remaining fully visible from the inside.


    This technology allows you to conduct confidential meetings and discussions without any worry of prying eyes, ensuring that sensitive information stays protected within your office environment.


    It's a modern, stylish, and effective way to maintain privacy while maintaining the aesthetic of your space.

    • Confidential Meetings: Casper cloaking film makes screens on glass walls or windows nearly invisible from outside, enabling confidential discussions without visual intrusion.

    • Sleek Aesthetic: This innovative technology maintains the modern and stylish look of your office while enhancing privacy.

    • Protect Sensitive Information: With Casper cloaking film, you can ensure that proprietary data remains confidential, even in open workspace settings.

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